Due to technical problems, the KLIKapp is temporarily offline. we will look for a solution as soon as possible.

Privacystatement KLIK

In order to use the app KLIK, we require you to consent to the collection of your personal data. We only collect Personal Data that is provided by yourself. This contains your name, age, domain of study, and interests (optional bio and location) (public) and your contactinfo (form chosen by yourself) (private).
By providing your personal Data, you agree that the data are being registrated and processed by Next Apps. The registration and processing are in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and this only if necessary for the functioning of the app.

Because of the data it is possible to match your interests with the interests of other students. You can choose to make some personal data public trough your public profile. Only the content of your public profile is available for other users of KLIK. You always have access to your personal profile. You can always decide to make some data no longer available for others.

You have the right to correct or delete your personal data.
The contactinfo of your personal profile (in any form chosen by you), are only given to other app users if you give the other person permission to see your contact data.
The search-ads you place, are accessible for the other users of the app. The page ‘my posts’ allows you to delete an ad at all time.

Next Apps takes appropriate organizational en technical measures to guaranty the safety in case of loss of your data or any form of unlawful (illegal) obtained data.Next Apps will not save your information any longer than necessary to realize the goals which for your data is collected.

Furthermore the data aren’t given to third parties unless there is a good reason:

  • We use a third party to develop, manage or exploit the app. We guarantee the confidentiality of all data for this third party

  • To improve our services, to know how well a new feature works

  • To execute a legal obligation in case of misbehavior. Police regulations can oblige us to share your data with the police.


Only students can use this app, this will be checked on a regular base. If you like to have a summary of your data, you can send a mail to Sarah.Vermeersch@UGent.be. You can also mail to this address to be deleted from the database.